If i could do one thing and not fail I would start a rock band. Get a record label, produce albums, and tour all over the world. I would be on the drums and one of my friend Pablo would be on guitar.

For this weeks 20%,I focused mainly on the engine problem. The issue is,the fan that keeps the engine from overheating while idling is supposed to kick on when you idol,but the fan is not kicking on. At first,I thought that the fuse could possibly be bad,so I went to Freezers and got a new fuse. When I got home and replaced the fuse,it was discovered that this was not the problem. I needed to take the bolts off of the fan shroud and take the fan shroud out. I have 3 out of the four bolts off. I learned that you shouldn’t replace something without 100% knowing what it is. Next week I hope to get the last bolt off so I can look at the fan and fan clutch.

While working on my 20% project, I looked on websites too look for parts I need to finish my car. I learned that this project can be expensive. But it can also be extremely cheep if you know where to look.3 goals for next week would be,get all the rust off,buy some parts,and replace the wheel if possible.

3 things I accomplished this week on my project where-I got sand paper so I could begin the process of sanding off the rust on the frame. I also researched websites on where I could find the necessary parts.I also researched the wiring in Jeep doors.

2 things I regret was I did not get all the rust off so it has gotten worse. I also had to work twice as hard to finish because I was behind.

1 piece of advice is,get better at finishing things you start.


In my video I explained what I accomplished yesterday while working on my 20% project. Although it wasn’t much I’m proud that i accomplished something,because you have to start somewhere

I started by cleaning out the jeep on the inside. It had a lot of trash and just old gross car parts that needed to be taken care of. I would’ve liked to get more done but I wasn’t good at managing my time. This coming weekend I hope to do more to get closer to the end result. I also want to get better at actually managing my time so I’m not over or under working myself.

Rebuilding an old jeep

My 20% project is learning how to be a mechanic. I will do so by fixing up and restoring an old 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has a lot of things wrong with it so I will be fixing these problems over the course of the project.

I chose this project because my whole life I’ve been interested in cars. I am passionate about cars and fixing them up. It’s important to me because I don’t think that there are enough women who are interested and like working on cars. …

Being creative isn’t always the easiest thing for people. As young kids we were encouraged to be creative and “think outside the box”. But,as we got older,we were told less and less to be creative. As you go into the real world you need to be able to be creative to solve problems. I have personally always been a very creative person even as i got older. But,lots of teens and adults just aren’t. Creativity effects MY development because going into the real world I will need to know how to solve problems and think outside the box

Ava Swisher

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